Team Building Retreats

Why us?

  • We have vast experience and we have been trusted by more than 1600 participants from 15 different countries.
  • Our strong acquisition is our own work, as the team consists of trainers and gym owners who serve more than 1000 people daily
  • We are the only company that proposes personalized programs, which emerge through research. In this way the event is designed with the ultimate goal to fully meet the needs of executives
  • In our company we organize the events taking into account the seasonality. We combine sports with corporate tourism.

Team Building Events

Team building builds stronger bonds between team members. Members / executives respect each other, minimize their differences and share a common vision.


  • The cooperation and teamwork between the executives is strengthened
  • The creation of a common vision is strengthened
  • Trust is created between the members of the company
  • Various problems are solved which create obstacles in the team
  • The cooperation between the executives of different companies which belong to the same group is strengthened

Team Building Events to Corporate Tourism

Fitnessingreece introduces for the first time in the market the concept of corporate tourism.
We essentially connect sports & wellness tourism with team building events.
In this way we add high value to our services. Companies now have the ability to provide their executives with a comprehensive proposal that includes everything and has the high benefits of fitness.


  • Excursion to the appropriate destinations
  • Event organization according to seasonality
  • Optional hotel accommodation
  • Outdoor activities
  • Wellness & Fitness Courses
  • Work stress management

  • Holistic approach from psychologists and life coaches
  • Nutritional tips
  • Physical evaluation of executives

Νon-Greek companies

If your company is inside or outside the European Union, we have the ability to provide you with a complete hosting package. Includes transportation, excursions throughout Greece, gastronomic and archaeological tourism.

The process

Ιn the first part of the process we will analyze the needs and determine the desired goals, which we must achieve through the team building games. Τhen there will be an analysis of the participants and the wider corporate culture. All the necessary information will be gathered through surveys and questionnaires.

Taking into account the analysis of the needs and the desired goals, we choose the optimal program, the location, as well as the activities that will accompany it. In each case the activities are individualized and fully harmonized with the respective needs. Then we meet again and evaluate the proposed program. We will organize your event taking into account the seasonality, because we will combine sports with corporate tourism, and as a result, you will have a great experience.

Our creative team consisting of coaches, physical education teachers & business coaches. Our coaches work with the bigest gyms in Greece and Europe, have vast experience and knowledge. Our team will take a holistic approach, both physical and mental. Indulge in our team and enjoy a life experience.

At this stage in collaboration with the company, we monitor the benefits and changes caused by the event. Taking into account the results, there will be the possibility of providing training and nutritional support by the Fitnessingreece partners.

Our company can make evaluations on the executives of each company, with the ultimate goal of expanding physical and pathological problems, which complicate both the lifestyle of the executives and their performance at work.

Do you want to have the benefits of our services, and combine them with the unique Greek hospitality?

Add to your program visits or even training in the most famous archeological monuments of our country.

Visit the most famous gastronomic destinations.

We ourselves are very demanding and we only compromise with perfection. At Fitnessingreece we do not offer you standard fun, but a life experience. We are pleased to announce that we can make for you a complete hosting package that includes everything.

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