Charity Events

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

In our company we strongly feel our responsibility in society and human resources. With faith in the interaction of concepts ‘Corporate Development and Social Responsibility’, we take action in all areas of Corporate Social Responsibility: social environment, human resources and culture of our country.

Τhe social environment

Since 2015 we organize charity events, whose revenue is devoted to vulnerable groups and organizations.

 More specifically:

2015 Collaboration with Metropolis Larissa

2016 Collaboration with Larissa Cancer Collection

2017 Event for family help with serious sustainability problems

2018 Collaboration with Municipality of Lavreotiki (food for vulnerable groups)

2019 collaboration with a municipality of Glyfada (food for vulnerable groups)

2019 Collaboration with Children’s Villages SOS

We are here for you

If you run an Urban Non-Profit Company for Cultural and Public Benefit Project, contact us. We will evaluate your proposal and in case it meets the criteria, fitnessingreece will organize a charity event. The executives of the company will participate on a non-profit basis and all the income will be used for the needs of each company.

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